121nexus provides a simple, unified solution to eliminate errors in the supply chain, increase efficiency in operations, optimize resources, and improve patient safety. Medical device manufacturers require accurate product master data — 121nexus ensures the accuracy of master data.

Seamlessly integrated with manufacturer's standard operating procedures, 121nexus automatically:

  • Validates product labeling

  • Ensures global trade compliance

  • Reconciles Master Data against Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

  • Fixes data collisions and errors

  • Keeps products moving globally

By combining the power of the cloud and mobile scan, 121nexus enterprise solutions significantly reduce costs and backlogs while improving distribution efficiency for manufacturers.

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I prefer 121nexus because it’s an ‘all in one product’ whereas the Go/No Go scanner forced me to figure out why the barcode failed.
— Distribution Center Manager