Data Remediation and Reconciliation

Global leading manufacturers follow Master Data Managementprincipals run onSAP® and other applications to comply with serialization laws and standards. Mission-critical information must freely flow and data inconsistencies must be remediated in real-time. 121nexus allows our customersto verify the single source of truth for product information, such as label data, to ensure their supply chain does not stop and that products move freely around the globe.


121nexus eLabelling technology digitally connects you with your costumers through physical items such as samples, packaging, or direct mail. Using the 121nexus platform, you can generate unique personalized URLS (pURLS) and QR codes or leverage your existing barcodes to drive end-users to personalized mobile websites. These websites are fully customizable and include features such as content, images, videos, PDFs, surveys, lead capture, email sharing, social media engagement, and trackable links. The data captured through 121nexus eLabels and personalized websites informs product innovation, sales priorities, re-marketing efforts, and more. 



With the passing of EU Commission Regulation 207/2012, European manufacturers are already taking advantage of the increased safety features and reduced printing costs that come with electronic instructions for use (eIFUs); in the United States, eIFU regulations are outlined in 21 CFR Part 820 and 21 CFR Part 11. With the help of our partners and in-house experts with over twenty-five years experience printing paper IFUs, 121nexus is now leading the industry push for electronic instructions for use. Our eIFU platform gives you the tools you need to meet your eIFU requirements.


Custom Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

As you harness the power of omnichannel sales and marketing, it’s imperative that SaaS partners integrate seamlessly with CRM systems, such as At 121nexus we have extensive experience integrating with CRM systems to ensure that our clients have access to up-to-date data within their existing infrastructure to empower sales, marketing, supply chain, and R&D teams with relevant, actionable data.

Web Analytics Integration

Once a consumer is connected with your brand, you need to provide a relevant and engaging experience. Often the logical next steps and relevant content are on your existing website. Rather than reinvent an extant experience, we leverage your existing website analytics, such as Google Analytics, to track the activity of visitors that originate from your 121nexus eLabels and personalized websites. 

custom services